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Ad Agencies

The advertising game is hard fought and won most times by creative ideas and unique propositions. Online auctions pose a distinctive opportunity for organizations in the form of public relations, customer relations, and product promotion.

Public Relations
What better way to help increase the donations to your preferred charity? Your company can find great public relations opportunities in the form of fundraising auctions. By utilizing the auction model, companies can launch a corporate giving campaign that extends beyond the boundaries of their employee parking lot and into their local community. The end result is a public relations coup that gets the company additional press because of the unique nature of their fundraising efforts.

Product Recommendation: Fundraising Auction

Customer Relations
Increase customer loyalty through the online auction model. Whether you are running a points-based, loyalty program auction or a liquidation auction to move closeout product to your dealer network, an online auction delivers more traction to your client's corporate site. In addition, the auction model creates a unique branding experience not available in most advertising media.

Product Recommendation: Business Auction