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Product Recommendation: Business Auction

Are you sick of high final value fees on top of listing fees, featured item fees, gallery fees and collection fees? Wouldn't it be nice to list as many items as you want and know how much it was going to cost you each month? Wouldn't it be nice to see bidding on an item continue until there were no more counter bids?

If you are looking for an alternative, or a supplement, to your current auction sales on the mainstream auction sites, then may have the solution for you. Running your own auction site gives you control over the length of the auction, which items are featured on the home page, the bid increment and more. Plus, your bidders become more familiar with your brand and grow to be more loyal.

Our extensive administration console gives you the power to track all of the statistics related to your auctions, keep in constant contact with your members and offer streamlined payment collection.

If you are going to go out on your own, or supplement your other auction sales channels, then trust in the auction software that was created by auction sellers like yourself almost 10 years ago.