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Product Recommendation: Fundraising Auction or Business Auction

Are golf tournaments not making the impression on your clients they used to? Why not incorporate an online auction for a unique event that ties in attendees and non-attendees and offers additional sponsorship opportunities for on-site exhibitors and non-traditional exhibitors. Online auctions give your clients an additional way to reach out to their membership and business community and separate your sales presentation from the rest of the planners competing for the business.

What do I need to run an online auction?

  • Get the exhibitors to donate one of their products or promotional products for the auction as a part of an exhibitor package.
  • Set up a few computer terminals with web access in your main meeting hall for on-site bidding.
  • Let all non-attending members participate with simultaneous bidding remotely.
  • Run a 20 minute auction for a marquis item during a coffee break to drive people back into the exhibit hall and watch the attendees line up to bid on that item.
  • For exhibitors on-site, require the winning bidder to pick up their prize at the exhibitor's booth.

The result:

  • More captured leads by auction item for both on-site attendees and remote bidders.
  • More reasons for attendees to increase traffic through the exhibit halls during breaks.
  • More excitement throughout the event.