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Fully Hosted Affordable Flexible Branded Online Auction Software

There are several important aspects of our online auction software, and the way in which it is delivered, that provide benefits to our clients. Learn more about these characteristics and why they are so important to your project.

Fully Hosted Using a fully hosted solution allows you to focus on your core business and auction objectives without getting distracted. Let us handle the bandwidth, servers, backups and other technical issues!
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It is important that your auction web site carry the message, theme, and look of your organization. After all, these are your customers. is the quiet company in the background making sure it all works for you.
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Flexible offers online auction solutions that are designed based on your requirements. In addition, we pride ourselves on being able to deliver a new feature, or modify an existing one, in a timely and cost efficient manner.
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Our value based pricing model is easy to understand and does NOT contain any sales commissions. We fix-price quote all projects and provide both event based and ongoing hosting options.
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